What is Shop and Home about?

Have you ever had a passion for something that was hard to explain? I know I do. My passion is that I love helping people find deals on things they love.

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From drab to fab

I had allot of rooms before I became so passionate about home decor. Most of my early furniture decisions were based on availability and what I had on hand for my budget. This is when I learned my most important factor - budget it everything!


Where I shop?

My advice is, don't be a snob! Look in all price ranges to find what you actually like instead of just what you like because of how it is presented in the store.

Moving to the USA – the style evolution.

Two years ago, I packed up two suitcases and left Canada to move to the USA to marry my (now) husband. People thought I was crazy to up and leave everything and everyone I know to move to Alabama. It was the biggest decision I've ever made and it was a great one!

How I got started?

I am the first to admit that I have champagne taste but beer money. But I am not talking about dreaming of big budgets for clothing or jewellery, I am talking about my passion for home decor.Β I love finding the perfect piece of furniture or home decor within my budget. I pride myself on finding deals and getting the look I want, for less.

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