Moving to the USA – the style evolution.

Two years ago, I packed up two suitcases and left Canada to move to the USA to marry my (now) husband. People thought I was crazy to up and leave everything and everyone I know to move to Alabama. It was the biggest decision I’ve ever made and it was a great one!

My husband is one of those great guys that you read about in novels. He is  handsome, kind, smart, funny and just so much fun. And so, even though I wasn’t scared, I could feel the fear of those around me. What I was doing was making everyone nervous.

Making big life changes takes hope, optimism and guts!

I was naively not scared at all. Maybe it was because I was so sure of the decisions I was making, I knew that they were right for me. I stopped listening to others and started following my own path. Looking back I realise that I was caught up in the romance of all of it. Starting a new life, new family in a new country just the two of us. It was awesome.

Not only did I leave a great job and my family, I left everything I owned. My husband had been living in a furnished dorm before I arrived. He owned exactly two place settings, a bed in a bag and some pots & pans. Suddenly, I had a blank canvas to make a home.

It was a dream come true. I could pick out everything to go into our home in a coordinated way. But I would take my time to make sure to get it right. So I decide to head out shopping to make a plan of what we need, want and a dream list. Then, I quickly discovered that home decor was slightly different here than it was in Canada. The USA had more affordable options that were really nice. A sense of style was not only affordable, it was readily available. I fell in love with Target, Kirklands, Homegoods, TJ Maxx and those were only the stores around where we lived. When I drove a little farther out I went to Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Arhaus and World Market. And then there is the fact that in the USA almost everything is free shipping within a week from Wayfair, Overstock and Amazon

And so my home style evolution began. How would I decorate if budget and availability were not longer my biggest constraints? I had options and I was not prepared to have so many options. I started hunting for deals and stylish pieces to make our home feel like our own. I was having so much fun and finding the best deals and creating our home.

Next on the blog – Mixing his and hers – making a home feel like us


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