Where I shop?

The answer is everywhere! And my advice is, don’t be a snob. Look in all price ranges to find what you actually like instead of just what you like because of how it is presented in the store. And do not buy what you can’t afford. Because after all – staying on budget is the most important shopping rule!

If you are looking for a specific piece, it helps to shop around. Don’t be afraid to research high end stores for ideas and then go find the same thing at a better price. I am not saying to only buy knock-offs, I am saying that get the style you want, for less.

Do you remember the part of “The Devil Wears Prada” when Miranda Priestly schools Andy on how her sweater from the GAP held its origins in high fashion? The same is said for home decor and furnishings. A mid-century modern masterful one of kind table shares its roots with what a World MarketΒ dining set.

When I enter someone’s home, a retail store or browse a website I am always keeping track of what I like – and then I go find it. Of course if you have time and patience, it is a good idea to visit your local flea markets,Β  vendors, consignment shops and local crafts people. But if you have a deadline, a hard budget or just want to browse for what is currently on trend and in-style, I recommend you regularly, check out the following (in store-and online):

Happy shopping and go get those deals!


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