How I got started…

I am the first to admit that I have champagne taste but beer money. But I am not talking about dreaming of big budgets for clothing or jewellery, I am talking about my passion for home decor.ย I love finding the perfect piece of furniture or home decor within my budget. I pride myself on finding deals and getting the look I want, for less.

This has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. But about 3 years ago, I started to actually follow my passion and share it with others. Before I get to that let me explain how this all began.

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Where it all began…the 80s

I can remember being very young and being aware that decor mattered to me and it made me feel calm and happy in my own space. When I was 5 years old my parents brought me to our local mall to pick out new wallpaper and paint to decorate my room. I was thrilled. I carefully flipped through the big binders of samples and picked out a border of: clouds, hearts and rainbows (hey it was the 80s and I was 5 remember). So that weekend, my parents finished decorating my perfect room, when the very next week, my Mom found out she was pregnant! Which meant that my perfect newly decorated room, would now become the nursery, for my soon-t-be baby sister.

So with that news, I moved into my older sister’s room with her next door to my old room. Her room was perfectly lovely but it just wasn’t quite … my style.

What to do? I had a great idea, late at night after my parents when to bed, I started rearranging my furniture in the bedroom into a new layout, to suit my style, just a little more.

My parents weren’t sure what to do with me? Randomly, throughout my childhood, they would wake up in the morning and find that I had pushed and pulled all my furniture, all by myself, into a completely different layout than the night before. And I’ve kept doing it ever since.

If I am left alone in any room, I am likely to move or at least really want to change something, is this a blessing or a curse? To this day, my family always knows when I’ve been somewhere – I leave my mark. Thankfully, the changes I make, are good changes. I will change things around based on flow, function or to simply brighten the room up using what is already there.


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